Dne středa 03 srpna 2011 15:22:44 Matty Sarro napsal(a):
> Hey everyone,
> I am a super newbie just beginning to learn PHP. Awhile ago, I had
> used aptana for dabbling with php and was amazed to find out that it
> had a built in php interpreter so I could do some minor testing
> without having to upload everything to a web server, or have a web
> server locally. Flash forward to now, and it looks like that
> functionality doesn't exist anymore (at least not by default).
> So, I'm curious what editors are out there? Are there any out there
> which will let me test PHP files without having to upload everything
> every time I edit it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> -Matty
The best editor for PHP is Zend Studio cca $300 or open source products like 
Kate(linux), Kwrite(linux), Vim(linux, windows), BlueFish(linux), Emacs(Linux, 
Windows). I'm using the Bluefish for PHP with (XHTML) and NetBeans for others 
programming languages.
Good look.
I'm sorry for my english.
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