Leonardo wrote:
> Dne středa 03 srpna 2011 15:22:44
Matty Sarro napsal(a):
>> Hey everyone,
>> I am a
super newbie just beginning to learn PHP. Awhile ago, I had
used aptana for dabbling with php and was amazed to find out that it
>> had a built in php interpreter so I could do some minor
>> without having to upload everything to a web server,
or have a web
>> server locally. Flash forward to now, and it
looks like that
>> functionality doesn't exist anymore (at
least not by default).
>> So, I'm curious what
editors are out there? Are there any out there
>> which will
let me test PHP files without having to upload everything
every time I edit it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
>> -Matty
> The best editor for PHP is Zend Studio cca
$300 or open source products
> like
> Kate(linux),
Kwrite(linux), Vim(linux, windows), BlueFish(linux),
> Windows). I'm using the Bluefish for PHP with
(XHTML) and NetBeans for
> others
> programming
> Good look.
> I'm sorry for my english.

Bluefish also runs on Windows.

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