On Wed, 2011-08-03 at 16:53 -0400, Curtis Maurand wrote:

> Mike Hansen wrote:
> >>
> > I mostly use VIM.
> However, I did play with PHP Storm, and it's pretty
> > nice. It
> also has a plug-in that emulate vi/vim.
> > 
> > I've used
> Komodo in the past. It's also good.
> > 
> I've used and like
> Quanta Plus (KDE on Linux). I've used Bluefish on Windows and Linux,
> Notepad++ on Windows, UltraEdit on Windows, NetBeans on windows. 
> Zend Studio on Windows NuSphere PHPEdI have Komodo, but haven't really
> played with it much.
> I like UltraEdit, Netbeans, Zend Studio
> and NuSphere PHP.  I've use NuSphere the most.  I use Quanta
> Plus on Linux the most.

This is a bit of recurring thread every few weeks, but here's my answers
again this time around:

Kate (Linux and Windows) for simple editing, where you only need syntax
highlighting and not a full blown auto-suggest IDE
Netbeans for an IDE, as it has good SVN integration and is
cross-platform (so I can use the same environment at home (Linux) and
work (Windows))


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