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> Not meaning to be ignorant, but why?
> What's the point here?
> I have grandkids and about a dozen other species of relatives/friends trying 
> to get me to do stuff (i.e., like/friend/post/reply/accept) on FaceBook et 
> al, but I don't see the point. It looks like a total waste of time. Why 
> should I care if someone post something on their FaceBook account? I would 
> rather spend my time programming, teaching programming, and reading about 
> programming.
> Maybe I'm just getting too old for this stuff.
> Cheers,
> tedd

First, I hope that I am posting my response to Tedd correctly (no top posts..). 
Second, I totally agree with Tedd and I am only 36...:-)



Your naturalness is always endearing, even when you play grumpy.  ;-)

It may seem like overly zealous waste of technology.. but look at it from 
another angle - It's just plain ole (ancient) human need for social 
interaction... piped through the latest tools.
The girls anyway certainly love FaceBook, et al., for the same reasons they 
ever loved the chance to compare social notes.

I did not use the takethislollipop.com app, so I don't know either what is its 
point (I hesitate like others said they do, to let apps grab all my FB data), 
but here I was just commenting on FB and social apps in general.

>From a programmer's perspective, I would say that selling things is just as 
>boring as aimless socializing.  WHAT ARE YOU programming anyway?  ;-) We 
>programmers just keep track of other peoples' details... and once the novelty 
>of solving problems (for solving sake) wears off, then it seems to me that 
>programming, as such, is no more interesting, in the end, than the stuff the 
>code serves.

What does truly uplifting/evolutionary code look like anyway?

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