Jason Pruim wrote:

> Now that I've managed to list 3 separate programming languages and
> somewhat tie it back into php here's the question...
> I have about 89 million records in mysql... the initial load of the page
> takes 2 to 3 minutes, I am using pagination, so I have LIMIT's on the SQL
> query's... But they just aren't going fast enough...
> What I would like to do, is pull the data out of MySQL and store it in the
> HTML files, and then update the HTML files once a day/week/month... I can
> figure most of it out... BUT... How do I automatically link to the
> individual pages?
> I have the site working when you pull it from MySQL... Just the load time
> sucks... Any suggestions on where I can pull some more info from? :)
> Thanks in advance!
> Jason Pruim
> li...@pruimphotography.com

Is it possible that you are attempting to display images? And if so, are you
making the mistake of storing them "full size" and using the browser to
resize them? That would have the potential to cause long load times.

David Robley

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