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> The server that's running it is a home computer with a VPS installed... It's 
> not my dev environment :)
> Home computer used for a production environment?  Wow.. I'm speechless.

Ummm... No... Home computer for a dev environment... The final product will be 
moved to a better host. This is temporary... And actually isn't a bad idea... 
If you get it running good on a cheap home computer, why wouldn't it run 
*BETTER* on the high-end production server?

> The information being searched is specifically phone numbers, and the bosses 
> want to provide the public away to browse them, hence the pagination... Once 
> I removed a COUNT from mysql it started working alot better... So I still 
> need to provide a better pagination system, but it's working.
> If just showing phone numbers only and no other information, what's the point 
> since there are already several other white and yellow pages on the net?  
> There's even a reverse number look-up too.  There's also a well known paid 
> service for getting a DB of contacts (name, address, phone numbers of persons 
> and businesses).  Just out of curiosity, what is it that your boss intend to 
> offer that would stand out for already existing services?  I doubt anyone 
> would be sane enough to sit there and just browse through phone numbers only. 
>  Even if it does show the owner's name of the registered number, I highly 
> doubt anyone sane would browse unless you provide some kind of filter/search.

I'm not expecting people to look at every single page... But I need away to 
allow curious people the ability to page through results if they want. 
> Oh, and the 89 million is just for one state :) We are talking the 
> possibility of I believe 10 billion numbers to cover the US, not to mention 
> Canada which I believe uses the same numbering system as we do so that could 
> be another 10 billion...
> >
> > As I've mentioned, something of this magnitude is better to leave it to the
> > DBA and work together with that DBA.  Either hire/contract one or become one
> > :)
> I'm working on becoming one ontop of web designer and programmer :)
> Good luck, that's a LOT of reading.  I'd estimate that's about 3k+ pages of 
> reading. :)

I've always been a fan of reading :) Just wish I had more time to do it! :)

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