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> It turns out the issue was actually in the pagination... I'm reworking the 
> whole thing and stream lining it... But in the pagination that I found on the 
> internet it used a "SELECT COUNT(*) WHERE state='{$state}'"; and the COUNT 
> was killing the time... Once that was removed, I was displaying records 
> faster then I could imagine... So it's off to pagination land to fix it! And 
> possibly redo the entire thing!
> ************
> So you're still going to generate pages and pages of an un-manageable volume 
> of data?
> Sorry, but I offer my congratulations on producing a technically marvelous 
> solution, and my condolences for a completely worthless application.

It's walking the fine line between what I want, and what the people who are 
paying for it want... What I always try and do is give them what they ask for, 
but also give them what they want... because what they ask for != what they 
want MOST of the time...  So most likely I will end up pulling the pagination 
and really limiting the searching... 

But until I convince the right people... I go on as planned.

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