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> Tommy Pham wrote:
>>    Many of my customers have coming up on 20 years of data available.
>> There has
>>    been a debate on transferring historic data to a separate database, but
>>    having it available is not causing a problem, except for some counts
>> and
>>    larger search actions, and being able to see how long a client has been
>>    visiting is often useful. Statistical analysis is always done on a
>> separate
>>    machine, with a replicated copy of the data, so as not to affect the
>> active
>>    users ...
>> What kind of counts/filters?  What kind of RAID subsystem is the storage?
>> What's the total size of the DB?  Up to 20 years of data should be in the
>> peta
>> range.  In that peta range, if you're not having performance issue and not
>> using
>> either RAID 0, 0+1, 10, 50, or 60, I'd love to hear about the application
>> and
>> database design in details. :)
> We are still only in hundreds on Mb and historic data is has less detail
> than the current 'transactions'. The current postcode table is 500Mb, and
> while the LLPG data would increase that by the order of 100, it's currently
> only restricted to a councils immediate working area, so we keep the problem
> contained. Dropping back to postcode for out of area enquiries. Users
> complain if an enquiry takes more than a few seconds, and Firebird is giving
> me more than adequate performance, and allows shadow data to be created via
> triggers to reduce the need for 'counting'.
> I have a new 'application' which is using the same search criteria but the
> data volume is growing a lot faster, 10Gb on the test system here, but I am
> still seeing the same search speeds once the correct indexes have been
> generated. But it will take a few more years before that starts reaching the
> 100Gb level :)
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I'm just curious.  What's the total rows count?  Data accumulated in 20
years and only taking that much space doesn't seem like there's a lot going
on each year over the years.  All the DBAs that I know they deal with
minimum addition/import of 1 million rows per week, currently.  I didn't
bother asking them how far back they keep the data as that amount of rows is
too overwhelming for me, for the moment, as I'm not a DBA :)

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