Ernie Kemp wrote:
2 - Make a new content area in Site Manager->Content Manager. It doesn't
matter what you put in your content area, you could just put "This is my new
content area" or "Hello World" if you so choose.

3 - Grab the information_id of the new content area you made. When you are
editing a content area that already exists, the information_id can be gotten
from the update page URL.

I'm having trouble understanding this request:

1. In item #2 the client wishes to put content here, I can only guess he
means a file with text in it. ?????
2. Item #3 I know what an ID is but not in this context. I'm don't
understand what the client wishes here.??

Assuming that this is a site that is powered by a database, then one would be creating a new record in the database to store the content in rather than a new file, although one could get away with a list of files. The problem is you need to identify the next 'file/content' number, and that needs the 'information_id'. Using a database, there would be a unique index on the 'information_id' field, and you would just look up in the database to see if a number exists and pull the data from that record. Creating a new page just grabs the next 'information_id' number. One could get away by looking for the 'biggest' file number, but I suspect that 'Site Manager->Content Manager' already has some of the infrastructure to manage this?

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