> On the face of it, if you are writing a PHP application for others to use,
> *forcing* a particular behaviour on them (on *their* own machine) is
> probably not a good idea. Why not let the user deal with this as they see fit?
> One can go way too far trying to ensure a uniform experience among users,
> who may not even care what other users are experiencing. One size *never*
> fits all.
On the face of it; Apple needs to stop mucking with what already works! The 
issue is this, Apple in all of its wonderful glory decided to drop support for 
pdf via the acrobat plugin. Didn't bother to tell anyone about this. You now 
need to use their Preview feature ONLY if you want to view a pdf in your 
browser. Otherwise you get nothing but a big white empty screen. No notice, no 
warning, just a big white screen. Know what I've been getting from my clients? 
Grief! I'm the one writing the code for their site and since Apple can do no 
wrong it's me that must be the idiot.

Sorry, just sick and tired of Apple trying to bring everything under their 
tightly locked proprietary software mitts. 

As to why do I want to do this... because it is better than telling my client 
that they need to give their clients instruction on how to view something they 
have been comfortably using and viewing without issue until recently. 

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