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> Seems strange that you are given a choice. My clients have been telling me
> that they are told to get the latest Acrobat Reader by Safari. Which they have
> done (again why allow a plugin that isn't supported get installed to begin
> with) only to be told the same exact thing the next time the click on a pdf.

Perhaps they just need to completely de-install the Acrobat plugin. When a PDF 
is in a Safari widow, there is a fade-in/fade-out
 type of array of things you can click on at the bottom of the window (not good 
UI, IMO, but there it is). You can choose to open in Preview, Save, or 
increase/decrease zoom. If you do nothing then the array fades out, but 
reappears if you mouse down there. As I say, I've not had, or needed, Acrobat 
Reader on a Mac for some 10 years. Trouble is, all these sites telling you to 
download this PDF and "needs Acrobat Reader" which is complete cock.

> Anyway, I realize this topic is now slightly off list.

True but I think you needed a rant :-)

Cheers  --  Tim

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