On 11-11-19 03:14 AM, Lester Caine wrote:
Robert Cummings wrote:
It's Friday... traditionally content anal-ness has been somewhat disregarded on
this day. Need one go through the archives to see if you're being a tad

Although it only seems to be this latest thread that seems to have got totally
OTT even for a Friday. And I think 'Friday Distraction' is a fairly recent
development that was never every Friday ...
I have the archive since 2004 on-line here and it sort of started on 09, but
there were only a few each year - usually over the summer? And most of them were
realistic tangential discussions rather than totally anal.
Personally, this last one has become irritating and obviously others find the
same thing?

I don't know... I haven't heard from many on the list and there seems to be as many responding as wishing it would stop. That said, why re-hash it on a Saturday (or as the case may be... so close to Saturday). Were you hoping to continue it over the weekend? Also, you say it seems to have started around 2009... that's almost 3 years. I consider that a fairly long standing trend and not quite as "recent" as you make it sound. I've been on this list in one form or another since 2000... I'd say for the most part these kinds of conversations crop up with fair regularity. I'm not saying every day, but often enough that I don't understand the sudden whining-- and as I've also pointed out, there's likely a degree of hypocrisy afoot. Either way, I'm done with the thread, enjoy your weekend.

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