Am 10.01.12 21:07, schrieb Donovan Brooke:
> David Savage wrote:
>> OK...I admit I'm new at this....I have this html file:
>> <html>
>> <head>
>> <title>Generate pdf file of LD, Toll Free, and Directory Assistance
>> calls</titl
>> </head>
>> <body>
>> <form action="Q:\ASTERISK\callrecs.php" method="post">

Stupid question ..... where have you copied your script? Is it lying on
a webserver? Then I would guess that you are submitting the form on your
webserver which hits the PHP script on your Desktop PC which in tunr
invokes the PHP command line interpreter who has no idea what you mean
by $_POST.

Try changing the form action to simply "callrecs.php" and see if that works.

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