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> Installed apache onto a win2K server, and have the html file & php file in the
> same folder (Q:\ASTERISK\) on the Q: drive (which is just another drive in
> this same server).  I opened the html file using IE 6.0.   What I'm thinking
> is there may be an issue with some setting on the web server.  The php
> statements I posted were the first few statements in the script, so apparently
> the script didn't see the variables, so I'll have to review the httpd.conf and
> php.ini files to find whatever settings is preventing the acctnum, year, and
> month from being passed to the php script.  

You say:

   I opened the html file using IE 6.0

I don't like the sound of that. Do you mean you double-clicked the file and it 
opened in IE or do you mean you put Q:\... into the IE address bar or what?

What you should be doing is putting http://localhost/your-file.html in the IE 
address bar.

What is your document-root? Is the Q:\thingy part of it?

Cheers  --  Tim

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