Am 10.01.12 21:57, schrieb Ashley Sheridan:
>> o simply "callrecs.php" and see if that works.
>> > Q: would be referencing a filesystem path, rather a web address 
>> > interpreted by a  PHP processor. Make sure your .php target is within a 
>> > PHP supported web space.
>> If a default application is set within windows for php, the script
>> submitting to Q will be executed.
> But wouldn't Windows attempt to execute the PHP script as if it were a
> CLI script, not as if it were within a web server context? That would
> make posting a form pretty pointless.
Indeed. But isn't that the point? We are trying to figure out why his
posting the form does not work. I say, it can't work as long as long as
there is Q:\ ins his form action, no way it will do, because you leave
your webserver context anyways.

He must change it to a valid web url.

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