Make sure IIS is not running. That'll cause all kinds of trouble.

Tim Streater wrote:
> On 13 Jan 2012 at 15:05, David
Savage <> wrote:
>> I open
the html file up from a windows explorer window (Q:\asterisk\),
>> and so
>> IE opens it up, but the problem lies in
the fact that I cannot find
>> apache
>> service
running in the background...haven't figured out why yet.  The
>> "test
>> configuration" start menu option
(under "configure apache server") just
>> displays a
console window for a brief moment, then immediately
>> The icon I see near my time says "Running
none of 1 Apache
>> services"....So I
>> have
to get that straightened out first...I believe that's been my
>> problem all
>> along.
> Well,
that's going to be part of it, but it's never going to work if you
> open it via Explorer. If you do that, apache won't be involved
> it's running or not. This will only work if you have IE
(or other browser)
> open and put
http://localhost/your-webpage.html into the browser's address
bar. Further, both the webpage and PHP file need to be in your
document-root. Look in your apache config file for that).
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> Cheers  --  Tim
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