In the PHP Manual ;

resource odbc_columns ( resource $connection_id [, string $qualifier [,
string $schema [, string $table_name [, string $column_name ]]]] )

Lists all columns in the requested range. 


connection_id  The ODBC connection identifier, see odbc_connect() for
qualifier      The qualifier. 
schema         The owner. 
table_name     The table name. 
column_name    The column name.

I the first email you send: $outval = odbc_columns($conn, "DB#LIBNAME", "%",
"TABLENAME", "%");

$conn is truly a connection object ?

You check if has no errors in the connection processes?

Alejandro M.S.

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Thanks for your response... I changed the $outval line to 

$outval = odbc_columns($rs, "DB#LIBNAME", "%", "TABLENAME", "%");

...but still got the same error - 

Warning: odbc_columns() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object given in
D:\WAMP\www\directory\filename.php on line 13

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Subject: [PHP] Re: Getting Column Names from an AS400 Database

I'm thinking that it should read

$rs = $conn->execute($q);
$outval = odbc_columns($rs, "DB#LIBNAME", "%", "TABLENAME", "%");

You need to provide the results of the query to the odbc_columns, not the
connection object.
Just my guess since I've never used this. 

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