Indeed!!  Thank you - got it going.  I am by no means a
database-connection expert (clearly)

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On 26-01-2012 16:40, Cheryl Sullivan wrote:
> Thanks for your response... I changed the $outval line to
> $outval = odbc_columns($rs, "DB#LIBNAME", "%", "TABLENAME", "%");
> ...but still got the same error -
> Warning: odbc_columns() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object
> in D:\WAMP\www\directory\filename.php on line 13
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> Subject: [PHP] Re: Getting Column Names from an AS400 Database
> I'm thinking that it should read
> $rs = $conn->execute($q);
> $outval = odbc_columns($rs, "DB#LIBNAME", "%", "TABLENAME", "%");
> You need to provide the results of the query to the odbc_columns, not
> the
> connection object.
> Just my guess since I've never used this.
According to the manual, the connection resource should be used.
But anyway, that's not the problem.

The problem is that you're starting with a COM Object, and all of a 
sudden try to use the odbc functions on it. Of course that blows up in 
your face, since COM !== ODBC.

Instead, you should use the properties and methods from the COM OLE 
Object you've instantiated. I don't know what these are exactly, but I'm

sure you'll be able to find them in the MSDN reference somewhere.

Just remember that using the COM API will make things a lot harder for 
you, since you can't rely on the PHP Manual to help you with anything. 
If you're familair with the OLE object you're using, it shouldn't post 
any problems though.

- Tul

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