On 5 Mar 2012, at 17:16, Jim Giner wrote:

> An appl that has been working fine for a year now and fine up through last 
> week, suddenly is not working on my iphone.  The only differences between 
> using it on a pc, ipad or iphone are for font sizes and such (handled by JS) 
> so I'm puzzled as to what is going on.  I do the same exact thing on each of 
> these 3 devices and the iphone fails.  The specifics are : I'm entering a 
> date into an input field and php is supposed to retrieve it and display a 
> record that is retrieved using that input.  The iphone for some reason is 
> not getting my input (passed via POST) correctly, yet it's the same script 
> being run for each device.
> Trying not to paranoid, but does anyone think that Apple could have done 
> something to my iphone in the last few days? 

Of all the possible things that could have happened in order of likelihood, 
that's sandwiched between aliens having taken over your phone and the ghost of 
Steve Jobs up to mischief!

Have you debugged the code to see what your script is receiving from Safari? If 
not then I respectfully refer you to the advice you recently gave Jay.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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