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On Mar 5, 2012, at 9:52 AM, Jim Giner wrote:

"Jay Blanchard" <jay.blanch...@sigmaphinothing.org> wrote in message
[snip]In the last few mins I re-booted my phone and it is now doing
something even worse! [/snip]

Have you also cleared the cache and the cookies?

You can also add Firebug to your iPhone -

No - I didn't go that far, but I can. More testing has revealed that Safari
running on my PC also doesn't like to accept the date I'm inputting.  As
soon as I tab off the field, it changes itself to whatever my first two
digits were.

Do you have a maxlength set by accident?

No. As I said - this appl is a year old and works fine. Or did work. See next post for solution.

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