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>>> [snip]In the last few mins I re-booted my phone and it is now doing
>>> something even worse! [/snip]
>>> Have you also cleared the cache and the cookies?
>>> You can also add Firebug to your iPhone -
>>> http://www.iphone-my.com/ipad/geting-firebug-iphone-ipad/
>> No - I didn't go that far, but I can.  More testing has revealed that
>> Safari running on my PC also doesn't like to accept the date I'm
>> inputting.  As soon as I tab off the field, it changes itself to
>> my first two digits were.
>Okay - here's the scoop - although this is not the forum for it.
>Ipads and Iphones respect an html input tag's type="number" attribute
>order to trigger the device's different keyboard configurations.  This
>is a
>neat trick that I found on a couple of apple-related sites and has been
>working fine.  I just now removed that from my code that generates the
>and Voila - problem gone.  Apparently Safari has been modified recently
>my guess.
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What format was your date in? It was my understanding that only numerical 
characters with a preceeeding sign and decimal point was allowed? I would 
expect a date to be in the form dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy (allowing for 
swapping months and days of course) but neither is a valid number.


My entry is valid - mm/dd/yyyy.  Works great on teh ipad, not the iphone 

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