( Been down London over night ;) ) ... and was not awake enough to change email address ...

http://piwik.medw.org.uk/phpinfo.php has http://piwik.medw.org.uk/ working

http://piwik.rainbowdigitalmedia.org.uk/phpinfo.php is just giving seg
faults on http://piwik.rainbowdigitalmedia.org.uk/ but
http://rainbowdigitalmedia.org.uk/ is working perfectly.

The piwik analytics is based on Zend, and I've not been able to get it
working on either of the two new machines, while all of my other stuff is
working fine. I started with Apache2.4.1 and PHP5.4.0 and moved back to what
should be the same versions as the working machines but without success.

Simon Schick wrote:
Can you give us some more information?
I've been working on this for some days and tried various combinations of Apache and PHP, but my starting point was Ap2.4.1 with PHP5.4.0 and I've now worked my way back through versions to what should be the same as setup as is working on piwik.medw.org.uk but I have yet to get piwik to run on either new machine!

How is php called in your apache-configuration? (f)cgi, module or somehow else?
You said that the configuration should be the same ... can you
double-check that? Reload the services etc ...
Always used module and I see no reason to change
I've enabled and disable just about everything, and the installer tells me the set-up is fine.

What about the logs? There must be more info in there ...
THAT is what is pissing me off. ZEND does not seem to log anything usable and I have yet to establish the best way of debugging it. The rest of my stuff simply worked, gave the expected new nagging and allowed me to track and tidy them. EVERY configuration of ZEND based piwik just gives ...
[notice] child pid 10345 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
With eaccelerator switched on and tracking, I can see files being cached, but have yet to work out what the next file would be, and to be honest, I'm not convinced it runs the same way every time, but that is probably just the order of parallel paths being run?

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