Matijn Woudt wrote:
>  Things that I found you can try:
>  * Replace the index.php ... Some people reported that this error was
>  caused by an endless-loop in their php-script
I have experienced a segfault once with mod_rewrite and some endless
loop in a .htaccess file. So you might want to check that too.

Thanks for the hints guys, but it was the wrong direction ...
piwik is an analytics package ... google analytics with steroids ;)
But the code base is a bit difficult to work with when one does not use frameworks like Zend.

The starting point was a segfault in PHP which needs to be fixed, but we normally manage to avoid hitting it by managing things better. The updates I'd added to the Firebird driver in Zend were missing some checks which kicked it out at which point ... NOTHING gets logged.

In 12 years I've managed to avoid having to install xdebug as we have all the debug tools I need in the bitweaver framework. I've grabbed a nightly build from Derick which I needed to work on PHP5.4 and managed to dump the traces to nail down where the problem arose. I'm not sure why there is a difference between the working machines and the problem ones, but the fixes have now allowed me to get the code running, so I can then finish debugging 'in-line' which I'm used to.

Next step is to move back to Apache 2.4.1 since I'm still on 2.2 but at least now I do have the tools if the problem returns then.

More irritating is
'Notice: Array to string conversion' which are coming up all over the place. I can understand what the problem is ... but trying to remove the notices is more challenging ...

$secondsGap[] = array($gap[0] * 60, $gap[1] * 60);
if( isset($secondsGap[1]) ) {
        $gapName = $secondsGap[0]."to".$secondsGap[1];
} else {
        $gapName = $secondsGap[0];
$secondsGap[] is two numbers, which are used to create the name string, so what is the 'official' way of making this work without generating warnings?

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