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> Revisiting said dead horse, it's interesting there is no clear  consensus of 
> opinion about what is the best book to use to learn php. Generally, you get 
> several people chiming in talking about the website. Now the website is the 
> bomb indeed, BUT IT'S NOT A BOUND BOOK! So that's a terrific answer to a 
> totally different question.
> It's interesting really; it suggests there is a wide range of perspectives 
> and mindsets about wha is the best way to come to understand php. Possibly 
> this suggests something about the general mindset of the php community- wide 
> ranging individualism?

By our nature as programmers we all have very different ways to look at things. 
And if we don't like the way things are being done with the current tools we 
change it... We "fix it " 

That being said I've been considering a project that would take sample code and 
explain why it dos what it does... Make it reviewed by the big wigs here and 
possibly go as far as printing it... But definitely an ebook type thing.

Anyone interested in helping on a project like that?
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