A good tip, thank you. The php cookbook just arrived today, and this weekend I will be doing some cooking.

On 4/10/2012 4:22 PM, Govinda wrote:
Revisiting said dead horse, it's interesting there is no clear  consensus of 
opinion about what is the best book to use to learn php. Generally, you get 
several people chiming in talking about the website. Now the website is the 
bomb indeed, BUT IT'S NOT A BOUND BOOK! So that's a terrific answer to a 
totally different question.

I did not actually read "Head First PHP&  MySQL"  (because I was already too deep into 
PHP before this book even came out), but in general I have really enjoyed learning the beginnings of my 
experience with various languages from the "Head First" series.
That series is generally really user friendly and makes it easy to dive in to 
the language covered by whichever book you choose.



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