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> On Apr 8, 2012, at 8:53 PM, Kirk Bailey <kbai...@howlermonkey.net> wrote:
>> Revisiting said dead horse, it's interesting there is no clear  consensus of 
>> opinion about what is the best book to use to learn php. Generally, you get 
>> several people chiming in talking about the website. Now the website is the 
>> bomb indeed, BUT IT'S NOT A BOUND BOOK! So that's a terrific answer to a 
>> totally different question.
>> It's interesting really; it suggests there is a wide range of perspectives 
>> and mindsets about wha is the best way to come to understand php. Possibly 
>> this suggests something about the general mindset of the php community- wide 
>> ranging individualism?
> By our nature as programmers we all have very different ways to look at 
> things. And if we don't like the way things are being done with the current 
> tools we change it... We "fix it " 
> That being said I've been considering a project that would take sample code 
> and explain why it dos what it does... Make it reviewed by the big wigs here 
> and possibly go as far as printing it... But definitely an ebook type thing.
> Anyone interested in helping on a project like that?

And I just realized I hijacked your thread... I apologize! My brain has not 
started up from the weekend yet.... If there is interest I'll start a specific 
thread for it! :)

*slaps his own wrist*

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