DZvonko Nikolov wrote:
I need a class that sends sms messages to list of numbers.
I'm quite new to that issue, so I need to know what I need
more. Thanks in advance.

Ignoring the wallies ....

Simply sending an SMS message is something rather more difficult that just needing a class to do it. Google will give you a hell of a lot of crap and no real answers - I know - I've been through a lot of it!

The bottom line is that we need to be able to send the message TO the mobile phone network, and while in theory it should be simple to do that by accessing your own mobile phone, the providers tend to block such activity. I'm STILL trying to get a SIM card I can use to send my own messages via the mobile modem that I HAVE got full access to, but none of the UK providers will oblige with one that has this function enabled. Even though I will be paying for the 'airtime' ...

The only way currently to do this is to sign up to a service that you pay to send each messages. So what you need to look for is a suitable text sending service in your area. Some have free setup and provide a few free messages, then charge based on your volume of messages. Many of these provide a web based service to which you can submit your traffic, but that area is another variable. I'm using at the moment just to get things running.

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