In reality, a SMS messages are transported the SS7 network, or voice network. 
To make the digital transition, carriers use a box called an SMPP gateway. To 
get access to this box, is by contract and terms of he carrier, and most 
commonly forbidden. As a result, the best bet is to use a SMS Aggregator. Once 
you subscribe to their service, they usually offer an API. 

Mike Mackintosh

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 15:50, Lester Caine wrote:

> DZvonko Nikolov wrote:
> > I need a class that sends sms messages to list of numbers.
> > I'm quite new to that issue, so I need to know what I need
> > more. Thanks in advance.
> > 
> Ignoring the wallies ....
> Simply sending an SMS message is something rather more difficult that just 
> needing a class to do it.
> Google will give you a hell of a lot of crap and no real answers - I know - 
> I've 
> been through a lot of it!
> The bottom line is that we need to be able to send the message TO the mobile 
> phone network, and while in theory it should be simple to do that by 
> accessing 
> your own mobile phone, the providers tend to block such activity. I'm STILL 
> trying to get a SIM card I can use to send my own messages via the mobile 
> modem 
> that I HAVE got full access to, but none of the UK providers will oblige with 
> one that has this function enabled. Even though I will be paying for the 
> 'airtime' ...
> The only way currently to do this is to sign up to a service that you pay to 
> send each messages. So what you need to look for is a suitable text sending 
> service in your area. Some have free setup and provide a few free messages, 
> then 
> charge based on your volume of messages. Many of these provide a web based 
> service to which you can submit your traffic, but that area is another 
> variable. 
> I'm using at the moment just to get things running.
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