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Matijn Woudt wrote:

It should be possible to hack up an android phone and write some
software that sends messages from there, though using one of the
provided services is much simpler.

I have the phone already configured, but it requires a SIM card that ALLOWS
sending messages via the data port. All UK SIM's are locked to only work
from the phone itself :( This service IS available in other countries which
is where the data came from ...

That's why I said, hack an android phone. You can simulate it is send
by the phone itself with enough programming skills.


Thinking again about this, Android does already support it out of the
box. (See [1]).

You could also try one of these:
DesktopSMS, EasySMS, RemoteSMS, Droid Messenger, MightyText, BrowserTexting

- Matijn

java.lang.String, java.lang.String,,

THAT is more or less what I currently have. The SIM security basically prevents it from working simply because you are bypassing the authentication process. I've wasted a lot of time on this to date. I can quite happily push messages into the phone, but it refuses to forward them on. Ideally I want to use the mobile phone approach since SMS messages CAN get through where we can't get web access, so the mobile patrols can report position back to the main web service, but at the moment we have to have a body on the other end of a phone to manually complete the loop - so over night it does not happen :( All the talk about about 'faster mobile internet access' is just a pipe dream around here. You may need to stand on the roof of the car to even get the phone to work ;) We've had to install private wireless links in places and adding data to THAT is another complete rip-off!

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