"David Mehler" <dave.meh...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> Hello,
> I'm working on a site that has email addresses on it. I am not wanting
> to use mailto links so as to avoid spam harvesters, I'd like another
> solution so that mailto links would work but would not work with
> spammers. I've tried several javascript-based solutions, but am not
> able to get them to be consistent. It seems like once they're used
> they revert to coded links. If anyone has any solutions I'd appreciate
> it. I'm not sure I can do this in php, generate email addresses
> dynamically then pass them to the client, it would be the same as the
> spammer hitting the page. I'd prefer something self-hosted and
> preferably light on the resources.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

Why not just put the contact's name/info on screen and then use the database 
behind it all to go get the email address and build the mail?  Assuming that 
the site is using a db to hold these addresses already. 

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