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> On Tue, 17 Apr 2012 21:11:45 -0400, Jim Giner wrote:
>>So - does that mean you building the site from information contained in a
> Yes. Client wanted email addresses on the website, but not available to
> SPAM harvesters. And not all addresses are "in the database" as
> structured data, many are embedded in page content (I have a WordPress
> shortcode that encodes the email address for those).
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He literally wants the "addresses" visible on the sight?  Or just an <a> 
using the person's name that would then generate the email by referencing 
the data table?  This is basic contact form methodology as mentioned by an 
earlier post.

As for the missing ones, use that WP thingie to extract them and post them 
to a speicifc email addr field in your table.

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