Hi guys

anyone here using HTMLpurifier and CSStidy together?  (like e.g. to allow users 
to create their own external style sheets via form input)

...for example, in the way this post's answer explains how to use HTMLpurifier 
and CSStidy together:


If so, do you know how to set CSStidy's config options in that context?

I found how to set CSStidy's config options if I was running CSStidy from the 
command line, or on its _own_ from PHP runtime, but I do not know how to set 
the config options from within HTMLpurifier, or even how to hack/override 
either of those libraries to solve my particular issue.  I looked and hacked 
and thought for sure I would find the offending line of code.. but somehow, 
nothing I have tried is stopping one or both of those libraries from forcing 
all my input CSS into lowercase, which I do not want.  The issue is that I need 
the input CSS's case to be left as the user input it (so that for example 
background image paths in that CSS do not break).

more details, attempted fixes, etc.:

Thanks for any thoughts/tips of any kind
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