> anyone here using HTMLpurifier and CSStidy together?  (like e.g. to allow 
> users to create their own external style sheets via form input)
> I found how to set CSStidy's config options if I was running CSStidy from the 
> command line, or on its _own_ from PHP runtime, but I do not know how to set 
> the config options from within HTMLpurifier, or even how to hack/override 
> either of those libraries to solve my particular issue.  I looked and hacked 
> and thought for sure I would find the offending line of code.. but somehow, 
> nothing I have tried is stopping one or both of those libraries from forcing 
> all my input CSS into lowercase, which I do not want.  The issue is that I 
> need the input CSS's case to be left as the user input it (so that for 
> example background image paths in that CSS do not break).
> more details:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10843600/

For the archives / anyone following this thread:

Thanks to the developer of HTMLpurifier, it was just fixed here:

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