we got off list, without meaning to, it seems.

Here are  the last few posts in the thread:

>>> On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 12:46 AM, Govinda <govinda.webdnat...@gmail.com> 
>>> wrote:
>>>>> Perhaps you should spend some time looking for a better text editor
>>>>> for your OS. :)  When the current tools I use does not give
>>>>> satisfactory progress in what I'd like to do, I replace the tool(s).
>>>> I am happy with my editor.  It (BBedit) has good multi-file 
>>>> search-replace... and I can also generate that/a full list of where all is 
>>>> strtolower()..  BUT I do not want to just willy nilly comment out/remove 
>>>> all those instances of strtolower(), because even if it seems to "work", I 
>>>> won't really know what damage I may have done to the library(ies).  If I 
>>>> can find just the one instance that is the culprit, without spending days 
>>>> trying every single spot, one at a time, then great.. but since a lot of 
>>>> the code in those libraries is a bit over my head (without spending a lot 
>>>> of time on it), I want something more definitive than just stabbing at 
>>>> every strtolower().
>>>> I appreciate your time and attention.   When I post my OP, I was/am hoping 
>>>> for a reply where someone knows what really is the situation; where is the 
>>>> specific offending line(s) I can hack in the source, or better yet, just 
>>>> how can we set CSStidy config options through HTMLpurifier at runtime, and 
>>>> so not hack the source at all.
>>>> -Govinda
>>> You don't need to modify every strtolower statement.  Just open up the
>>> files and look at that code block and the surrounding code blocks.  If
>>> that doesn't make sense, then most likely it's not what you're looking
>>> for.
>> I tried that..  and some of the instances of strtolower() I thought very 
>> well could be the culprit.. and so I commented it out... but it did not help 
>> (it was not the culprit, or else it was still being overridden by another 
>> one).
>> Many other instances I could not tell by looking at the code.
>> Some were pretty clearly not the culprit.
>>>  In Notepad++, double clicking on a line in the search results
>>> window will open up the file and bring you right to that line.  If
>>> BBedit doesn't do that, then refer back to my comment about the tools
>>> you use :)  Just my 2 cents.
>> BBedit too does do that  :-)
>>> BTW, I rather dig through the code 1st and see what strength and
>>> weakness that framework provides and to fully comprehend if all its
>>> bells and whistles are as others claim.  What may work for others may
>>> not for you.  For example, in all my past searches for a PHP
>>> framework, only Yii managed to fulfill the most of what I want in a
>>> framework, including and specifically ability to create CRUD UI by
>>> just specifying the table name after the DB configurations are set.
>>> But more than that, Yii went beyond my expectation by providing the
>>> client side validation for the CRUD too.  Granted the UI doesn't fit
>>> my liking but it does more than the other frameworks I've looked at.
>>> :)
>> I have been pleased with the frameworks and libraries I have picked to help 
>> me out.. even HTMLpurifier and CSStidy have been great.. It was not until 
>> now (too deep in to want to go back) that I realized I have this one issue.
>> I am just about to hand off this code.. just need to find a way to 
>> patch/workaround this one thing.. have another new project stating monday.
>> In case I seem irreverent.. it is not my intention... I appreciate you even 
>> bothering to reply :-)
>> -Govinda
> Have you tried using xdebug and step through the code to look for
> changes?  IIRC, xdebug is capable of monitoring variables and their
> values.

AFAICT that is a brilliant idea -  put a watch on the var(s) until I can trace 
just exactly where the offending line is.  
 I have yet to bring my tools up to speed to do that here in PHP.  I won't have 
time before this thing is out the door..   but thanks for reminding me I need 
to check out something like xdebug sooner than later.

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