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>On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 11:21 PM, Ashley Sheridan
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>> Al <> wrote:
>>>Disabled cookies use to be a problem years ago.  What's your
>>>these days.
>>>I need it for my session ID. As I read the docs, the old method of
>>>appending it
>>>to the URL is a security issue.
>>>I can obviously save the ID in a temp file which can be read by all
>>>needing it.
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>> There is a new law been passed in the UK that makes non-essential
>cookies opt-in only, so you must get permission in order to use them.
>> That said, session cookies are a bit of a grey area. If your site
>relies on them to function, then they're ok. If they're used purely for
>tracking, they need to be made opt-in. Everything between is, like I
>said, grey.
>> Thanks,
>> Ash
>A little correction on the above: This law applies to the whole EU, not
>only UK.
>- Matijn

Oh, my bad!


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