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> Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>> How is Google Chrome a bigger security risk than the other popular
>> browsers, Fx and IE?
>> I was under the impression it was more secure than either of those.
> License Conditions ... They may have removed the original landgrab section,
> but there is still a potential for Google to gather private information and
> this is an unacceptable risk when dealing with customers who deal with
> sensitive private data.
> In addition, intrusive advertising has no place in public service systems
> anyway ... Google maps and the like are similarly inappropriate since using
> them allows Google to track material that IS also sensitive. It is THIS
> tracking that the 'cookie law' was supposed to address, but the problem
> sites are not even covered by it ... WE are if we link to uncontrolled sites
> and services.

I wonder what browser you're using. I just read the IE10 privacy
policy, and it pretty much states the same, Microsoft can collect
private data from you. Opera, Firefox and Safari probably have
something similar.

You're probably better off being worried about the Google services,
though the same applies probably to the Bing en Yahoo search engines.
And you don't think that Bing Maps collects data about you?

Please don't forget that it is the advertising market that brought us
the free (in cash) internet. With the help of cookies giving us better
ads, the free internet has grown. People need to chill down a bit
about their privacy online. In the end, probably the only real danger
of your own privacy is your own facebook, myspace, google+, twitter,
linkedin, ... profile.

And last but not least, your personal information is probably at a lot
more places than the internet, quite a few stores have things like
membership cards, and guess what, they track you there. They know
exactly what you bought etc. And for example, here in the Netherlands,
we have a new public transportation system, called the 'OV-chipkaart',
which is basically a RFID card. There exists 2 types, anonymous and a
personal one. Now they can happily track where we are going with the
public transportation.

Personally, I find those last thing much worse than Google collecting
my search actions.

- Matijn

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