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>Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>> How is Google Chrome a bigger security risk than the other popular
>browsers, Fx and IE?
>> I was under the impression it was more secure than either of those.
>License Conditions ... They may have removed the original landgrab
>section, but
>there is still a potential for Google to gather private information and
>this is
>an unacceptable risk when dealing with customers who deal with
>sensitive private
>In addition, intrusive advertising has no place in public service
>systems anyway
>... Google maps and the like are similarly inappropriate since using
>them allows
>Google to track material that IS also sensitive. It is THIS tracking
>that the
>'cookie law' was supposed to address, but the problem sites are not
>even covered
>by it ... WE are if we link to uncontrolled sites and services.
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Ok, but don't confuse the browser with the services Google offers. The two are 
very separate, and its confusing to mention the services in an argument about 
the browser.


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