Matijn Woudt wrote:
Yeah, it's been such a pain, as nobody over here is quite sure how the
>  hell it'll be enforced either, or if it even will be. It's also pretty
>  vague as to just where the line gets drawn. The official government
>  sites on this are pretty black and white, but don't clearly address the
>  grey areas. I think this is definitely a case of the persons making the
>  laws don't understand the technology involved, which sadly seems to be
>  the case across a lot of tech laws being passed world-wide of late:(
Yep,  When this law was discussed, they were mostly talking about
completely banning cookies. Only later they figured out that there are
quite a few sites that can't live without cookies...

Cookies for shopping baskets got flagged up early on and then people started to realise that there were more good reasons for using the than bad ;) The main 'grey' area is a session cookie which classified along with shopping basket ones - which don't need specific permission - but then we are told we should still ask? But we don't need to ask about shopping basket ones!

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