Thanks to everyone for their help, AJAX is the way to go.

Daevid, it's interesting you welcome me to the year 2000, I actually graduated 
from CS in 1999 and haven't really done much more than simple web-programming 
since (have done scientific programming instead), so I am definitely behind the 

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I am making an application using PHP/Javascript/mysql and had a question.

Sometimes I need to use javascript to fill a drop down box based on the
value of a previous drop down box.  However, the information to fill the
latter is stored in mysql and can be a lot, what I have been doing is that,
using PHP, I create hidden fields with all the possible information that
might be needed to fill the second drop down.

For example, the user chooses a bank from a drop down, and then a list of
clients is displayed on the following drop down.  I use PHP to read all
clients from all the banks and put that as hidden fields on the html page.
It is very cumbersome.

I do not want to read the database (which changes dynamically) from
javascript directly due to confidentiality and because a lot of care has
been taken to create the appropriate  queries with checks and protect misuse
of the information using PHP.

My questions are:
1) Do people just normally use hidden fields to store possible information
to fill the drop downs?
2) any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


You could also store the information as a session variable.


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