On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 8:24 PM, Jim Lucas <li...@cmsws.com> wrote:
>>> Personally, I let my code ramble on as long a line as it needs.  I use
>>> tabs
>>> (set to 8 chars) in my code.  That is because the other developers that I
>>> work with have editors that can display the tabs in whatever width they
>>> desire.  I also do not wrap at 80 chars.
>>> But if you look back at any of my code examples that I have written, none
>>> of
>>> them are longer then 80 characters, and uses two spaces for indentation.
>>> Simply because my email client is set to plain text and wraps at 80
>>> chars.
>> I can see that you do that indeed, but that does *not* guarantee that
>> it is also seen that way. I think most of us use a 'smart' mail
>> client, that automatically makes emails more readable by undoing these
>> stupid line breaks at 80 chars. Gmail for example shows your mail as
>> lines with approx 175 chars on my 17" notebook.. I'm not sure how
>> Gmail sends my messages, but looking at the 'Show original' option, it
>> seems it breaks long lines but might be at a different length too.
>> - Matijn
> Well, not to talk bad about Gmail (I use it for personal accounts), but I
> like using a client that I do have some control over what it does to my
> email.  Making sure that it retains my formatting is one of my first
> requirements.

That's where we have different requirements. My first priority is
speed, both in access (email clients tend to be slow), and in delivery
time. I really need emails to be delivered to my PC instantly, and
that's not the case with POP3 and IMAP. Even push mail to my Android
smartphone with original Gmail app is faster than POP or IMAP.

- Matijn

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