On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 9:48 PM, Jim Lucas <li...@cmsws.com> wrote:
> On 08/24/2012 12:34 PM, Matijn Woudt wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 8:24 PM, Jim Lucas<li...@cmsws.com>  wrote:
>>>>> Personally, I let my code ramble on as long a line as it needs.  I use
>>>>> tabs
>>>>> (set to 8 chars) in my code.  That is because the other developers that
>>>>> I
>>>>> work with have editors that can display the tabs in whatever width they
>>>>> desire.  I also do not wrap at 80 chars.
>>>>> But if you look back at any of my code examples that I have written,
>>>>> none
>>>>> of
>>>>> them are longer then 80 characters, and uses two spaces for
>>>>> indentation.
>>>>> Simply because my email client is set to plain text and wraps at 80
>>>>> chars.
>>>> I can see that you do that indeed, but that does *not* guarantee that
>>>> it is also seen that way. I think most of us use a 'smart' mail
>>>> client, that automatically makes emails more readable by undoing these
>>>> stupid line breaks at 80 chars. Gmail for example shows your mail as
>>>> lines with approx 175 chars on my 17" notebook.. I'm not sure how
>>>> Gmail sends my messages, but looking at the 'Show original' option, it
>>>> seems it breaks long lines but might be at a different length too.
>>>> - Matijn
>>> Well, not to talk bad about Gmail (I use it for personal accounts), but I
>>> like using a client that I do have some control over what it does to my
>>> email.  Making sure that it retains my formatting is one of my first
>>> requirements.
>> That's where we have different requirements. My first priority is
>> speed, both in access (email clients tend to be slow), and in delivery
>> time. I really need emails to be delivered to my PC instantly, and
>> that's not the case with POP3 and IMAP. Even push mail to my Android
>> smartphone with original Gmail app is faster than POP or IMAP.
>> - Matijn
> IMAP is not fast enough?  I have my own mail server running SMTP & IMAP and
> I use Thunderbird w/IMAP and when my mail server receives an email within 1
> to 2 seconds my client is notified.  I'm not sure how you can get much
> faster then that.
> You realize that IMAP works completely differently then POP.  POP clients
> fetch the mail.  Normally on some preset time frame.  IMAP clients are
> notified by the server when a new message arrives.  As long as your IMAP
> client is open and logged into your account, that notification process will
> take less then a couple seconds.
> I cannot see how IMAP is slow.

Might be of some other issues, don't know. Tried Outlook (Terrible,
especially with Gmail), and Thunderbird (Works OK, e-mails tend to
deliver after ~5 sec). With Gmail web interface (and Desktop
notifications in Chrome), I receive mails in less than a second. On my
Android phone I usually receive them within 1-2 sec, though that
depends on connection. Note that with fast, I mean, really fast ;)

- Matijn

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