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> See:
> http://www.cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca/~languesmodernes/test/test.php
> http://www.cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca/~languesmodernes/test/test.phps
> In $mystring, I need to extract everything between "|News Releases|" and
> "-30".
> The thing now is $mystring might contain many instances of "|News Releases|"
> and "-30".
> How do I deal with this? My code only catches the first instance.
> Thanks for you help so far.
> John

You could use substr to retrieve the rest of the string and just start
over (do it in a while loop to catch all).
Though, it's probably not really efficient if you have long strings.
You'd be better off with preg_match. You can do it all with a single
line of code, albeit that regex takes quite some time to figure out if
not experienced.

- Matijn

PS. Please don't top post on this and probably any mailing list.

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