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>> You're missing the most important aspect of social networks.. Advertising.
> Please tell me that is said sarcastically. Advertising is the cancer of the 
> internet. There was a time when there weren't ad banners, interstitials, 
> pop-ups, pop-unders, spam, and all the other bullshit you have to sift 
> through on a daily basis.

No,  I was not meant to be sarcastic. You might find advertising to be
the cancer of the internet, think again. The internet would be pretty
much dead without ads, or would you rather pay $0.01 per Google search
query? $0.01 for each e-mail send, $0.01 for each news article you
want to read, etc, etc? (or more related, $0.01 for each facebook
message you want to send/read?)

In the end, good advertising means success, take the drop of facebook
shares because of the investors being worried about facebooks'
advertising possibilities.

- Matijn

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