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> > > You're missing the most important aspect of social networks..
> > > Advertising.
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> > Please tell me that is said sarcastically. Advertising is the cancer
> > of the internet. There was a time when there weren't ad banners,
> > interstitials, pop-ups, pop-unders, spam, and all the other bullshit
> > you have to sift through on a daily basis. 
> I might add to this that one of the reasons I switched to using Google
> for internet searches many years ago was precisely this. All the other
> search portals at the time blasted you with ads. Google's search page
> was just a blank and the name Google, much as it is now. (Though I think
> Google has now become its own kind of evil.)
> And now I'm seeing more and more pop-up ads on websites all the time.
> I'm trying to read content and every little while I have to banish some
> pop-up or another. Grrr.
> Here's another massive evil: Web pages that take forever to load. Why?
> Because they have ads and other content being served up from other
> sites. It takes forever for the page to fully paint because of
> congestion at *other* sites which are supposed to be serving up
> content/ads to the page I'm visiting. Yeah, that's not annoying or
> anything. In fact, I've gone so far as to force my computer/browser to
> believe most common providers of ad content are localhost, making
> most requests for ad content yield 404 errors.
> I bought TiVo partially so I could skip ads. I've revelled in it every
> day since. I can watch an hour-long program in 47 minutes. (Though this
> is a sad commentary on television and cable content providers.)
> Yes, ads are Evil(tm).
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One of the most annoying types of ads I see these days is the full page
image link behind everything else on the page (so it looks like a
clickable background); and you click on a part of the window to give it
focus, and BAM, a new tab opens up for some crappy ad. Not only do I
have to wait for a huge image to load, but I also have to deal with some
rubbish site in a new tab :-/


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