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> > The growing power of the internet and global networks.
> > (on the world’s politics, economies and even on daily life of ordinary
> > people) Programmers and developers needed:
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> I still cannot figure out if this is a joke or if you're really
> looking for world peace.. If you're serious, you might want to stop
> and take a look at Newton's third law, I quote from wikipedia:
> "When a first body exerts a force F1 on a second body, the second body
> simultaneously exerts a force F2 = −F1 on the first body. This means
> that F1 and F2 are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.", or
> simplified "To every action there is always an equal and opposite
> reaction."
> It fits also easily on humans, take one step into peace, and it will
> have an effect in opposite direction elsewhere.
> Also, why do you think you can make a better social network than the
> already existing ones? Even the big internet giant Google can't seem
> to make it's social network a big success, and you (without even an
> concrete idea) can do that better?
> You might as well just open a simple website with a 'Like' button and
> ask everyone to like that page, so we end up with peace!:)

Seems like an interesting point. But who says that good and evil are always
cancelling each other out? To me good and evil depend on the point of view.
So, what's good for A could be good for B too but bad for C, and therefore
what's good for C is bad for both A and B? Not necessarily (following a
implies b is not equivalent to b implies a). It gets complicated very
quickly with more parties and we have more than 6 billion! One cannot
really say that an action is good or bad for everyone following your
argument. However, world peace, less pollution and equal or less diverse
wealth would be good for everyone, because of less crime and less risk of
loosing everything. Maybe it would trigger something bad at the other end
of the universe, but the universe is pretty big (so I've heard :-), so what
do we care? I vote for world peace in that sense.

Strongly disagree with people saying "Someone else would do it if I
didn't.". That's just a lame excuse to get rich quick, like I heard from
people who sell weapons. Selling ads is not nearly as bad. It's just
annoying if they are too intrusive. Google's ads are not so intrusive and
look what great things Google does with the money they make in terms of
Open Source. I would say Google is the programmers' friend and if anything
the lesser evil. Sure they have ads all over, but I haven't yet been
annoyed by them as much as other popup ads. Besides that I wouldn't be
where I am today without Google (I'm not employed by them in case you're

Sorry to make this a serious discussion if you take it that way. :-) Just
hope to get some neurons firing.

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