Maybe this topic have been already on board, but I could not find nothing
in google, so my question to PHP maintaneers (and other users too) is:

Why there is no possibility to run PHP in "application server" way among
other SAPI modules and other possibilities to run PHP? PHP would encounter
great performance boost and became more "enterprise" :) Just look at Ruby
which is slow as hell compared even with PHP.

By "application server" I mean scenario when there is statefull application
on server side not only by session mechanizms but all classes definitions
maintained in memory (no need to load class definition on every request),
static class members (and their changes) persistent, background threads,
etc. This way any op-code cachers won't be necessary...

sounds great, huh? others have it already, so why doesn't PHP? are there
any cons? problems too hard to solve (one can be memory leaks, thread safe
coding, etc)? I mean it - I am realy curious why there is no such
possibility and is there any hope we could get it?

TIA for any answers on this topic.

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