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> Why there is no possibility to run PHP in "application server" way among
> other SAPI modules and other possibilities to run PHP? PHP would encounter
> great performance boost and became more "enterprise" :) Just look at Ruby
> which is slow as hell compared even with PHP.
> By "application server" I mean scenario when there is statefull application
> on server side not only by session mechanizms but all classes definitions
> maintained in memory (no need to load class definition on every request),
> static class members (and their changes) persistent, background threads,
> etc. This way any op-code cachers won't be necessary...
> sounds great, huh? others have it already, so why doesn't PHP? are there
> any cons? problems too hard to solve (one can be memory leaks, thread safe
> coding, etc)? I mean it - I am realy curious why there is no such
> possibility and is there any hope we could get it?

    While there are no real plans to incorporate a full-fledged
application server at this time, PHP 5.4 does have an embedded
server[1] for development and such.  It's certainly not advisable to
use it for production, but the fact is, it's there.

     With regard to an actual production-worthy application server,
you might be interested in HipHop[2], which was developed by some of
the engineers over at Facebook.

        ^1: http://php.net/manual/en/features.commandline.webserver.php

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