Once again I didn't read it completely (maybe I will do so), but my 2ct:

I recently played with Ruby and Python and of course with their application
server (at least a little bit). My experience was, that it is less fun as
it sounds in the first place compared to a well designed
webserver-interpreter-stack (and of course common OS-specific stuff for
CLI). In my eyes it is good the way it is: Let PHP do it's job and let
"more intelligent tools" do the other things, like spawning
request-handling processes.

Not saying, that I'm against an application, but I currently don't miss it
:) On the other side someone must maintain it and someone must make sure,
that it is secure and efficient. This resources should not taken from the


2012/9/27 Alessandro Pellizzari <a...@amiran.it>

> Il Thu, 27 Sep 2012 12:28:00 +0200, Maciej Liżewski ha scritto:
> > Sure there are
> > disadvantages and other problems but what Alessando is saying is "I
> > would not use cure for cancer even if it existed because it can
> > introduce other problems like overpopulation".
> Uhm, no.
> I see it as "I would not use chemio if I could remove the cancer with
> laser therapy".
> They are two ways to solve the same problem, and I think the non-
> application-server way is the best.
> It is similar to the Unix way: many small pieces tied together to reach a
> goal.
> The application server is more like the Windows way: one big piece to
> reach a goal.
> I understand sometimes the application server can be easier or fit
> better, but I think most of the times it is the wrong solution,
> expecially
> in PHP, but not exclusively.
> Bye.
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