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> With that said, I just may leave the list. After all if this is all I'm going 
> to get out of it, it's not worth it!
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Hi David,

it sounds like cliche, but you get out of it what you put in it.

I recommend: 
(If you *want* to write code, then:)

- don't get flustered; don't take any of this too seriously, esp. the emotional 
part (except the fun of creating); don't let the experts bother/intimidate you 
- just take from them what you can use, and ignore the rest.

- focus on what you are trying to do, ignore everything else.  Even experts who 
know what they are doing can easily get lost and waste time if they do not just 
focus on the one thing they originally set out to do, and just drop everything 
else.  Focus!

- break every problem down into smaller problems; everything is easy and simple 
once you isolate an unknown/unlearned thing/issue down to just that one thing.  
Build up your code in baby steps.  If you ask big questions that are actually 
conglomerates of many unknowns (black holes in your understanding), then 
experts don't know where to begin to help you, so they post those (these ;-)  
long-winded advice columns.  But do ask the/any forum/list, "Why does this one 
little thing behave like this ....", and you get instant expert useful answers 
every time.  You have to be the one to later glue together all the little 
things.  But you will be able to - if you have started with understanding how 
to do the little things that make up the larger thing you are creating.  Make 
sure you understand every little thing and nuance in your code.  

- resist the urge to just "get it to work" and then drop it.  One has to 
actually know HOW/WHY it works, and not just get lucky.  This is all logic, not 
luck.  Luck is not enough to rely on in coding.

There are many many people on this list who are feeling supportive of you...  
hoping you do not get discouraged, but do try again, and again.  :-)

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