On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 8:42 PM, Daniel Brown <danbr...@php.net> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 2:19 PM, Helmut Tessarek <tessa...@evermeet.cx> wrote:
>> Hello Daniel,
>> I wanted to get an answer to my question (which you would have seen, if you
>> actually had read the mail).
>     I briefly glanced, and no more, because anyone with any idea of
> Internet etiquette knows not to forward an entire bunch of junk to a
> public and wholly-unrelated mailing list.  Had you considered the
> appropriate options, such as reading about how to contact us, you'd
> have gotten a response.  Note that the tone of your reply here has
> already changed the tenor of this entire discussion now.
>> I got a mail that messages bounced from my mail server. So I sent a reply to
>> the list owner to get an explanation how this is possible, since my mail
>> server only rejects mails which are flagged by the clamav milter (and this 
>> did
>> not happen). But then, instead of an answer, I got an automated response,
>> which basically means only one thing: I don't give a damn about your problems
>> and buzz off. Mailing list owners are supposed to be real people, not bots.
>     And, for the most part, we are (save for a few sentient androids).
>  However, go to news.php.net and look at those bounce messages.  Note
> it's all consecutive, within a relatively small window of time.  Then,
> using your own suggestion about reading the email, look at the bounce
> response: the messages were undeliverable up to a time threshold, when
> the server gave up.  Sounds like there was an issue connecting to your
> SMTP system during that window.  If you have the appropriate access,
> you might want to review your mail logs during this window.
>> I'm sorry, I was really irritated by this automated respone. It is not very
>> professional sending people to go in circles.
>     Well, as the adage goes, you'll catch more flies with honey than
> with vinegar.  And considering this is the very first message I've
> ever seen from you, it sounds like either (a) you didn't follow the
> proper protocol, or (b) there's something in the process we need to
> review.  If you think the issue lies on our end, you can submit a bug
> at https://bugs.php.net/ and detail the steps to reproduce the issue.
> If it is indeed something we need to correct, believe me, we will.  We
> don't deliberately attempt to mislead or frustrate people, despite how
> it might have seemed.
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Did you really need to use that many words? The answer is pretty
simple, he's using a crappy mail server..

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